We will exhibit at Monomachi Monozukuri Market on May 25th (Sat) and 5/26th (Sun).

Information about big events.

Monomachi is held every year in the Asakusabashi-Okachimachi-Kuramae area, the so-called "Kachikura area".

This Monomachi is an event that the shops and studios in the area make together.
There is a corner called Monozukuri-ichi where creators outside the area gather and participate.

Pint! will exhibit at the Monozukuri Market.


Held on May 25th (Sat) and 26th (Sun)

Hulic Hall (Asakusabashi)

● Exhibit contents
・In addition to linen products uploaded to the HP, one-of-a-kind sample products
・Linen plant-dyed and indigo-dyed products that are currently being planned
・Currently planned wooden vessels, tea caddies, etc.

We have a new product that we are planning.
I will report the details later.

If you have time, please come by all means.
We'll be expecting you!