For shops and corporate customers

◆ About wholesale

We do wholesale, mainly PINT products. Please feel free to contact us first, regardless of whether you are in Japan or overseas.

◆ OEM and original product planning and development

We will make original products according to the requests of retailers, restaurants, brands and manufacturers. At PINT, we partner with specialized craftsmen to produce our products, depending on the materials and manufacturing methods. Various approaches are possible, such as "ordering the desired product image", "changing specifications based on our products", and "joint planning for usage scenes and themes". Some of the past examples are introduced in original production / bespoke products . In addition, depending on the product, it is possible to make original products with different sizes and shapes.


Here are some particularly popular novelty products. In addition to existing products, we will create original products together, such as shapes and dyes. We also accept suggestions after receiving the theme. The availability of logos and original specifications, as well as the production quantity and delivery date, vary depending on the product.

Please feel free to contact us from the following.