To commonlife's year-end party

The other day, I went to common life's year-end party.

Half a year after opening, the number of items has increased, and it has become a more wonderful store.

A lot of Pint! linen products and wooden products were introduced, and sales are also going well.

There were regular customers at the year-end party, and it was a peaceful party where a warm time flowed.

By chance, I encountered a scene where a visitor purchased a Pint! cutting board.
I had many happy encounters.

It was a night that made me think that I had to do my best more and more with each artist's activities.

It's a commonplace to say that commonlife sells writers carefully, but
It is a wonderful shop where the owner Mr. Sato uses it himself and recommends it from a close distance with the customer.

A lot of interesting miscellaneous goods and accessories are also introduced on the blog and FB.

common life

It would be interesting if there were more small shops rooted in these areas.

Middle ground