Started handling at DADA CAFE (Yoyogi)

DADA CAFE in Yoyogi, Tokyo has also started handling it!

About a 2-minute walk from the east exit of Yoyogi Station, this cafe in an old Japanese-style house stands quietly in a back alley around the soba restaurant "Yudetaro".
It is a popular cafe run by RELIGARE, which handles space design and interior design, and is known to those in the know.

At Pint!, we plan and manufacture one-wash aprons and coasters together with DADA CAFE.
You are always taking care of me.

Even such DADA CAFE has started handling Pint! products.
Pint!'s linen texture matches perfectly with the furniture and interior of DADA CAFE.

Click here for the shop's homepage.
Tabelog is also very popular.

I visited the restaurant before it opened, so I couldn't take any pictures of the food, but here are some photos of the interior and Pint!

When you enter the entrance, the porch.
It has been refurbished into a cafe while retaining its original shape. I am a space design professional.

The inside is spacious and you can relax.
The furniture matches the atmosphere, and it is a relaxing space.

Pint! Linen products are placed on the porch.
It was raining today, but it's still beautiful with lots of natural light.

Aprons, coasters, kitchen cloths.

DADA CAFE is open for both lunch and dinner.
It is attractive that there are menus that you can enter alone even at night.
This is a recommended restaurant for when you want to relax alone, or when you want to have a meal with friends or family.

If you're in the area, please stop by.