"Winter HAPON Bazaar" ended successfully!

Yesterday, 2/23, "Winter HAPON Bazaar" at Shinjuku HAPON ended successfully!

(Photos are of the venue and other booths.)

Thankfully, Pint!
Thank you to everyone who came to visit us.

While looking at the actual product, we will learn about the materials and craftsmanship of "hemp and wood".
We talked a lot.

It was a different form from the explanation at the time of sale and the explanation to the buyer,
There were a lot of things to reflect on because we couldn't proceed smartly, but it was a really fulfilling and good event!

In fact, people are interested in materials and craftsmanship one step deeper than products.
It was such a wonderful time to be able to talk with customers while surrounding the table.

At Pint, we would like to make things while connecting with users.
In the future, I would like to take on the challenge of creating new forms of manufacturing while borrowing the ideas and wisdom of users.

It was an event that was the first step towards the desired shape.

The number of creators is still small, and the current situation is that concrete movements such as product planning are not possible.
This time, I focused on "telling".

We would like to hold more events like this one step at a time, but we will also brush up on the content.
For those of you who came this time and those who will be here in the future, please look forward to it.

Above all, the greatest joy is meeting wonderful people such as customers who participated and other exhibitors.

I'll let you know when the photos are ready!