[Event report] kiiiiino62

Kiiiiino is held once a month at DADA CAFE.

This time, I participated as the person in charge of souvenirs.

Date: Sunday, June 22, 2014

Location: DADA CAFE

A team called Wild Land Tree made up of space (Tomoko Hirano), things (Chiyo Kaki), and materials (Pint! Nakaji).

Mr. Takagi sewed linen scraps and made them into original mini napkins one by one.

Various linen fabrics are inherited to create a napkin with a rich design.

Mr. Hirano, who produced the space, was in charge of coordinating the table and rounding the napkins into a cone shape.

I feel like kiiiiino's events are getting better and better each time.

I really enjoyed the quality and hospitality this time as well.

As Pint!, it was a great time to expand the possibilities of linen scraps.

In the future, we are planning to develop scrap products.

Please stay tuned.

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