The product description page also states that "the more you use it, the more the flavor comes out."
Leather is said to age, but like leather, linen is a material that grows when used.
It becomes soft and has a very nice texture.
When various people, including discerning top-class buyers, compare the before and after use,
You make my eyes shine so much.

I would like you to see the real thing, but today I will try it with a picture first.
from the front,
A. Before use (Navy)
B. After 1 week of use (off orange)
C. After 2 months of use (yellow) ← This sample size is a little big

A. Before use (navy).
It is crispy because it is woven with high density (no glue is applied).

B. After 1 week of use (off orange).
It has a rough texture and a slightly crumpled, natural and hard feel. (Even if you just wash it once before use, it will look like this.)

C. After 2 months of use (yellow).
When you come this far, it's really soft. Everyone wants to see this.

After repeated use and washing, the fibers become clogged.
The amount of thread used is large and the density is high, so
It's going to be an indescribable feeling that the core or strength remains even though it's tired.

The feeling that the material grows is a pleasure every time I use it. (Personally, this point is high. It's fun to get excited every time you use the kitchen cloth.)

Pint! kitchen cloths are raw woven linen that is not glued.
Usually, after processing such as softening, it seems that there are many cases where glue is applied for shipping.
The glue and linen go well together, and even if you feel that the texture has improved a little, it is actually just the glue that has fallen off.
There is nothing wrong with the glue, but Pint!'s kitchen cloths are not glued,
It becomes softer and more flavorful than linen products in general circulation.
Because it is a raw material, the softness of the material itself comes out firmly.

What Pint! makes is, first of all, something that can be used for a long time.
And the more you use it, the more it tastes, and it's fun every time you use it.
The material called linen is not only water-absorbent and quick-drying, but also
It is stronger than cotton, and its feature is that the texture increases with each use.
One of the characteristics of the fabric is that it wrinkles easily, but it's not a hotel,
I think it would be great if you could use wrinkles as a flavor in your daily life.

Ladies and gentlemen, please try it.
Please let us know when the fabric looks good.

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