White day specification

Hello, today is White Day.

I haven't done anything special with Pint! especially for White Day projects (sorry),
Pint! linen products are sure to be appreciated as gifts for White Day.

Together with seniors in the miscellaneous goods industry who warmly watch over Pint!
We did our annual white day operation again this year.

Until now, I've been making sweets, but this year I challenged myself with the theme of Pint! White Day.

What I did, I hand embroidered a Pint! organic linen handkerchief !

Of course it's the first time I've ever had 2 men and embroidery.

First, select an embroidery pattern from the design collection.

After choosing an embroidery pattern, trace it with a chalk pen.

We chose lamps and Moominmamma, respectively.

Choose embroidery thread. (This time it was the other way around, but I think that usually you go to buy thread after choosing a pattern.)

Attach the embroidery frame and stretch the cloth taut to start!

Needlework forgets the passage of time.

And it takes about 4 hours to advance the needle while being absorbed in the conversation and forgetting the conversation...

Finally completed! !


Three Lamp Brothers!

Embroidery is completely beginner level, but it's kind of warm!

No matter how it turned out, I was able to do something heartfelt and one-of-a-kind in the world.
(This is a personal product with no release schedule.)

There are no plans to sell it, but if you are interested, please enjoy arranging it yourself like this, even if it is not a gift.

It's a simple white or unbleached design, so the embroidery colors look great.

Both myself and my senior who made this handkerchief were very happy with the hand-embroidered handkerchiefs we gave them back, and White Day was a great success.

Next year's White Day, I may be making a hand embroidery recommendation page based on this photo.

What I learned this time is the difficulty and warmth of hand embroidery, handwork.

It's good to take your time and focus on small things.

Last but not least, the material is organic linen, a very rare handkerchief with the best texture.
Recommended as a gift for someone special or for children.

Organic linen handkerchief (5 colors in total)
Organic linen handkerchief (5 off-white colors)