Monomachi store opening

From yesterday 5/25 to tomorrow 5/27, I will be exhibiting at "Monomachi", a manufacturing event in the hot topic area "Ochikura (Okachimachi-Kuramae, around Asakusabashi)"!

At A tool cafe, which is produced by Yasunari Arai, a cooking tool consultant, we are using it as a luncheon mat and selling it.

The cafe was a great success on the first and second days, and on the second day we had our first sale today!
A product that has been carefully prepared for a long time, it was manufactured as a stock for monomachi, and it was completed three days ago.
I was very happy that people who liked it bought a few pieces for gifts, and a few pieces for their homes in different colors.
I was moved by my child's departure.
We hope that you will continue to use it and love it for a long time.
This time, I am exhibiting it as a test sale for the first time.

We will gradually expand online sales and sales to interior shops, so we will keep you informed.
Tomorrow is the last day, I'll do my best!