monomachi finished

Monomachi has finished selling at a tool cafe.
It was a very valuable experience for me to sell it between customers at the cafe.
I am very grateful to Mr. Yasunari Arai (cooking tool consultant) who gave me a voice.

This time it's the first test sale.
I was able to hear the voices of real users, and I learned a lot.
What gave me confidence was that the product sold well even in the corner of the cafe.
Above all, the thing that made me the happiest was that although the price was higher than the sales, the quality and background of the product were clearly communicated to the customers who were considering it! That's what it means.

I myself have tested it many times and fell in love with it.

With “Pint!”, we will create products that truly reflect the voices of users.
For that reason, we have built a production system that is flexible.

The performance is yet to come.

Please look forward to future Pint!