I went to Youkel House

The other day, I went to Yokersha for the first time in a while.

The kitchen cloths that I had handled were also popular, so I visited them to replenish the products.

On a weekend afternoon, the seats were almost full and the place was still full of customers.
I ordered grilled rice balls for the first time today.
Youkelsha not only has cakes and bagels, but also delicious rice.
What's more, it's nice to have a light meal of rice at a cafe.
Of course it was delicious.
As usual, I enjoyed my time at the cafe.

By the way, there is a miscellaneous goods corner next to the takeaway sweets corner near the entrance.

(Because the photo is before replenishment, it is only black, but light blue and red are also available.)

In addition to kitchen cloths from Pint!
They also sell original mini totes, which are cute.
As with the work of the cafe, politely and politely,
Miscellaneous goods were also introduced in the world of Youkelsha.

Pint! kitchen cloths are being used in shops, and samples after use are also available.
Please take a look at it while having tea at the cafe.

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