We have started handling it at Yokel-sha.

Ocha to Oyatsu Youkelsha, a café in Chitose-Funabashi, has started handling it!

This is the cafe where I took pictures for the Pint! website.
(The blog post from that time is here → My first product shoot at Yokelsha )

As the name suggests, this cafe serves delicious tea and snacks. (You can also eat homemade bagels and rice for lunch.)

The interior and lighting conditions are also very nice, so I took a picture at Youkelsha.
A lot of food and drinks were prepared, and I was really taken care of during the shooting.

In fact, people use Pint! kitchen cloths in their cafe kitchens.
Now available as a product.

They also sell jams and baked sweets along with take-out cakes.
Along with Yokelsha's original cute tote bag,
You can also purchase Pint! kitchen cloths.

Pint! products are highly practical products that focus on daily life.
It also works great as a tool.
That's why I'm very happy that you can use it every day in a professional stage called a cafe.
At the shop, you may be able to see well-worn crosses.

The staff at Youkerusha are really nice,
It's a cozy cafe that you can't easily meet, so if you call out, I'm sure they'll show you!

Food and space, and staff. . .
It's a very relaxing café that makes you forget the time.

If you live near Odakyu Line Chitose Funabashi, if you want to discover a nice cafe,
Please come visit us at Youkerusha and take a look at the actual Pint! kitchen cloths.