Sample production in linen denim fabric

The other day, I was finally able to purchase linen denim fabric!

Denim is a strong image of 100% cotton,
A craftsman is doing a challenging manufacturing that realizes denim with linen,
I was able to purchase the fabric.

The difference between linen denim and so-called cotton denim.
It's a bit of an image story, but it has an elegance that is different from cotton.
I think it comes from the feel of the material.
I haven't used it in the summer yet, but since it's linen, it's highly absorbent and quick-drying.
It depends on the thickness of the thread, but I like the light and smooth texture.
It's not too heavy, so even with denim, it's not too casual and has a mature finish.

Also, the color is very beautiful, and I personally like this color even if it is cotton.
It's a simple cell phone photo, so I'm not confident if I can convey it, but it's a very good color.

I am currently making a sample to make an apron with this fabric.
In addition, this time I plan to make a drawstring bag together.
This is a proposal for a set that is sized to fit an apron folded.
Of course, it is made with the image that you can use it separately only with the bag.

The apron is in the process of making a sample, so first of all, it's just a drawstring bag.
I'm sure you can do something good.

The apron should be a cool finish that can be worn not only by women but also by men.
The model is the same as Shuttle Linen 25HD One Wash Apron .
It is scheduled to be released until the end of April, so it is also recommended as a gift for Mother's Day.

Please look forward to the linen denim apron.