Delivering wine bottle coasters to cafe Taihiban in Kichijoji

I went to a cafe called Taihiban in Kichijoji.

Half of my time is for eating and the other half is for Pint!

Taihiban is a café that opened last year in a renovated garage.

The location is about 4-5 minutes on foot from Kichijoji station.

Along the Chuo Line, near the Marimekko store.

As the name of the restaurant suggests, it is characterized by dishes that use straight ingredients that go all the way back to compost.

I went for lunch, but I got the meat plate of the day.

Visible meat, fresh vegetables, beans, and brown rice in soup.

It feels like a natural cuisine cafe where you can eat meat.

It was very delicious.

The interior is also interesting, with a display of compost piled up in the center of the shop surrounded by counters.

There are three tables set by the window where you can relax.

I didn't feel the cold that much because of the glass, but since it was originally a garage, there was a hot water bottle by the window.

Please stop by when you take a walk in Kichijoji, a new shop.

Pint!'s job is to make coasters for wine bottles.

(the picture is normal size)

A normal linen round coaster is made with an original size of 12 cm in diameter.

Many customers were worried about stains on the table from wine bottles, so they were looking for something with a good texture.

As long as I'm happy to be able to cooperate in this way.

For wine, the color of the line is red and white.

As it catches the drops of wine, the stain will follow, but I think that the stain will pile up and become a good texture.

After a while, I would like to go to the store and see how it feels.

It is also used by cafes and restaurants.
We can discuss the price depending on the lot, and we can accept even a small amount of the original.
Please feel free to contact us.

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