Let's make a fuki-lacquer vessel together!

Two years after I started Pint!, it was the thing I wanted to do the most.
Finally, we were ready to make this project a reality.

The event will be held at "Kagure" in Omotesando, Tokyo.

An event inviting a woodturner who grinds wood on a potter's wheel with whom Pint! makes things.
It is a craftsman of " wooden plate of potter's wheel ".

At Kagure, which sells a wide range of wonderful tableware, let's make a fuki-lacquer tableware together with craftsmen.
However, it is not just a workshop to make original vessels.

The number of participants is 8 people.
A total of 5 series.
Learn about the background of materials and craftsmanship, and think about current life and vessels together.
After planning the product, we invite a woodturner to work with us, starting with making a sample of the wooden vessel.
And after completion, everyone will have a potluck party with the finished vessel.
Also, the vessel is not an original vessel for the time being, but will be sold as an actual product in the future.

This is an event where we will work together with professional users to plan products for wipe lacquerware that we want to use every day.
The precision and quality are undoubtedly high because we work with craftsmen who have first-class skills, which are also handled by Pint!
It is also interesting to see it released as a product to the world.

A joint project with a wonderful shop called "Kagure".
We recommend it with confidence.
We look forward to your participation.

The outline and application are below.
(The content is reprinted from Kagure's website. The original page is here . Illustrations and photos are also posted, so please take a look.)
【Call for Participation】
We are looking for members who will participate in the experience and plan part of the process of making "wiping lacquerware".

1st: July 12th (Sat) 11:00-12:30 / Orientation: About "Materials"
2nd: July 26th (Sat) 11:00-12:30 / About "Katachi"?
3rd: August 10th (Sun) 13:00-14:30 / About "Katachi"?
Inviting woodworkers from Nagano to examine samples
4th time: Any of September / About "painting"
5th: Either October-November / Completion & dinner party
*We will have a potluck party to celebrate the completion. (Please bring a simple item. It does not matter if it is handmade or purchased.)
*The dates for the 4th and 5th sessions will be decided after consulting with the participants.
Location: Kagure Omotesando store
Capacity: 8 people
Work: Palm-sized wipe-lacquer container
Participation fee: 8,500 yen
*The above includes a total of 5 consecutive workshops and includes the cost of the completed product.
(Please bear the transportation expenses)
How to apply: Please apply using the application form below.
Click here for the application form

Participation fee includes the price of the vessel.
We look forward to your participation.

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