Finished shooting the new product!

The other day, I finished shooting at Youkerusha, who is always indebted to me.

This is the 4th time for him, thank you as always.

This shoot is
Aprons, handkerchiefs, coasters, cross-image photos, tea caddies, and more.

We will gradually add new products, so please look forward to it.

Today's blog introduces cross image photos.

The other day, I found a nice fixture that matches Pint!
Allegory Home Tools in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

The press manager who is active in various fields as a freelancer who only works on Wednesdays
I chose it after consulting with Mr. Kato.
The hooks and hangers have straight textures of materials such as iron, brass, and glass.

I think the photo conveys the Pint! cross-like atmosphere.

The 25HD Series Kitchen Cloth Multi Cloth M is recommended not only for wiping dishes, but also for wiping your hands.
A cloth that dries quickly and has water absorption power in the kitchen is quite useful.

A chambray cloth with a beautiful color is also suitable.

This is a brass square horizontal hanger. Rare shape.

The chambray color cloth is a new limited item.

Please take a look at the shop page too.

Thank you Allegory Home Tools and Kato!