The white day operation that I introduced on the blog yesterday.

The place was the Japon Bazaar that I participated in the other day,
This is HAPON , a shared office in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

(This photo is from the Japong Bazaar the other day)

Speaking of shared offices, is it for companies and freelance creators? Many people have the image that
I think, but at HAPON, like events that highlight music and the region, and the Happon Bazaar,
There are many cultural events, such as those who are involved in manufacturing and various genres.

Regarding regular spaces, if there are members with booths,
It is also possible to rent a free space as a visitor.
We also rented a free space as a visitor.
In fact, even if you are not a member, when you want to concentrate on work or want to do a little work,
It seems that many people use it as a visitor.
Although it is called a shared office, it is like a so-called coworking space.
It is close to the image of an open place.

In the stylish interior and spacious space, there are plenty of power outlets, wifi, books and magazines,
For drinks and light snacks, there is also an attached cafe.

I think there are many people who work at cafes, but there are concerns about power supply and wifi,
I think it's a lot of things to take care of your surroundings, such as phone calls and meetings.

A place like HAPON is convenient for such a situation.
In addition to exhibiting like Japong Bazaar, Pint!
I participate in events from time to time.
New encounters and connections are born one after another, which is exactly the concept of HAPON and is attractive.
In fact, Pint! is also receiving various new encounters here.

If you are in the area and are interested, please check out the HAPON website .