happy new year

Happy new year.
Since the beginning of the new year, it has been sunny and refreshing in Tokyo.

This year, we would like to release products other than linen and make Pint!
In addition, Pint! aims to take a small, concrete step toward manufacturing that connects creators and users.

Half a year has passed since Pint! started.
Thanks to you, I was able to connect with many customers.
Spring/Summer efforts have begun, and many people have high expectations for Pint! products and concepts.
With gratitude, I have to do my best! It's every day that I hold the thought in my heart.

In fact, in order to make it a moving year, I will challenge various initiatives anyway.
We are moving forward step by step to create something interesting that is not limited to just one miscellaneous goods brand.
Thank you for your continued support this year.