Started handling at Japanese department stores.

Sales at retail stores have finally started.
A Japanese department store located in 2k540 between Okachimachi and Akihabara.

As many of you may know, it is a popular shop, but you can find Pint! kitchen cloths in all colors here. (Sorry for the inconvenience, but please check with the store for the latest stock status.)

A wonderful shop that introduces Japanese craftsmanship in an easy-to-understand and skillful way from a casual, everyday perspective.

The inside of the store has a soft atmosphere that makes it easy to walk in.
The staff are all natural and nice.

When I visited the delivery, I was very interested in the story of the creator and the product, and I talked a lot with the staff.
Thank you for your hard work.
And the staff immediately bought it for themselves and said that they are using it!
I am very happy and really depend on you.

Personally, I've always been a fan of Japanese department stores, and I thought that everything was expressed in the store.
The thoughts and ideas of the owner and staff, and the invisible preparations and work behind the scenes overlap,
It becomes the air of the shop.
What supports the wonderful appearance of Japanese department stores is
I felt that the product selection, as well as the commitment to the creators and products, the display, and the customer service of each staff member, were all in line.

In addition to miscellaneous goods, there are plenty of reasonably priced food items that are fun to look at.
Please stop by when you are in the area.