Materials and living tools exhibition vol.4 ~Nara snacks tasted in wooden bowls~ Report

Yesterday, an event was held for Materials and Living Tools Exhibition vol.

We had the largest number of visitors to date, and we were able to finish the day with great success.

As Pint!, we unveiled the vegetable dyeing series for the first time.

We introduced stoles, furoshiki, handkerchiefs, and other beautiful colored plant-dyed products.

We will continue to guide you on the web, so please check the web shop.

I also brought a sample of the bowl that will be on sale next month.

I'm looking forward to the completion from now on.

This time, it was my first time collaborating with the confectionery unit Kotoka.

We also have takeout sweets and drinks, and an eat-in cafe space.

This is the first event for Kotoka, and at the moment, it is a unit limited to this time.

With the theme of Nara Prefecture, where they are from, everything was prepared for this time, from procuring Nara ingredients to developing the menu, but the abundance and deliciousness of the menu and the quality of the wrapping did not make you feel that. .

This is the 4th exhibition of tools for living with materials.

I would like to make it more interesting while accumulating reflection points little by little.

Please look forward to the next event.

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