A trip to meet craftsmen -Mie, Shiga, Kyoto- Day 1

Good evening, this is Nakachi from Pint!

Last week, I traveled Mie, Shiga, and Kyoto.

On the first day, I left Tokyo in the evening and stayed overnight in Mie prefecture.
I went to bed while being excited about the schedule from tomorrow. .

The next morning, I went to Sekijuku, where the streets of the old post town still remain, as I wanted to visit the gallery shop Mr. Konha.
It's a nice old town. The drifting air is different.

The townhouses, inn museums, and museums were very interesting because old folk tools were left behind.

When I started Pint!, I was conscious of old folk tools.
As an image, it was much earlier than folk art, using the materials around me for my own life,
make your own tools.
It is truly a tool of the people.
These tools are full of simplicity and functional beauty, and I feel their strength.
From now on, even if I don't call it inspiration, I would like to post many stories about folk tools.

For example, folk implements seen in townhouses are like this.

box stairs.
It's literally a staircase, but under the stairs are chests and storage like this.
It is a super rational space design made with the image of stacking boxes on each level.
Excited to see the longed-for box stairs live!

I also love shoji, and it's beautiful and enchanting.
There are various designs.

Tamaya Ryokan was one of the most popular lodgings in Sekijuku.
The bedroom has been recreated.

It seems that the futon was dyed with indigo, which also serves as a meaning of avoidance.
What a luxury.
And cool!
There are few travel tools, and simple is best.
I really admire you.

There was a lot of encounters and learning with such wonderful things and old styles!
There is also a story that seems to be connected to work.
It is expected to be announced by the summer.

Another purpose was to visit Mr. Konhe (completely as a general customer), and it was a very nice space.

I recommend Sekijuku to everyone.

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