Indigo Dye ~Part 4. Indigo Seeds~

The story of indigo dyeing continues.

That should have been the case, so I visited Mr. Saka's studio, an indigo dyeing craftsman.

From now on, the temperature will rise, and it will be the season of indigo dyeing.
A sample scheduled to be released next month is a prototype in last year's indigo pot.

While learning various dyeing techniques, I actually prepared the tie.
This report will be updated at a later date.

Mr. Saka, you can handle everything from shibori to dyeing, but you are going back even further and trying to grow the raw material indigo.

I heard that, but surprisingly, a small field was made next to the workshop!

Way to go.
Literally from the beginning to the end of indigo dyeing.

In the previous article , I introduced dried indigo, but the seeds attached to it are taken and grown in the field.

Buds were already sprouting.

And I got the seeds too!
I immediately sowed it in a pot on the balcony.

Seeds will sprout in a few weeks.
It seems that they like water, so I would like to water them well every day to grow them.

And I'm also curious about the growth of the field of the workshop.
The fun of going to the workshop has increased.

A limited number of tie-dyed handkerchiefs dyed with genuine indigo by Ms. Yukari Saka are now on sale.
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