Tote bag made of ultra-thick linen canvas fabric

New fabric, super thick linen fabric in stock.

It has a so-called canvas fabric, and is woven quite tightly with thick two-ply yarns.

Moreover, it is made of 100% linen and has an unusual texture similar to that of kitchen cloth.

A fabric that is very durable and has a good taste.

It is less prone to wrinkling than thin fabrics and becomes softer with use.

I made this fabric into a tote bag.

Details are described on the product introduction page ( linen canvas tote bag ), but I would like to introduce some of the special points of this bag other than the fabric.

・The handle tape is also 100% linen.

It's usually acrylic tape, but I searched for 100% linen and was able to get it.
30mm thick linen tape has been discontinued, the last stock in the factory.
The smooth touch is very comfortable.

・I make it with one cloth
The width of this thick linen fabric is just over 60cm.
A long piece of this fabric is cut to make a bag.
Therefore, there is no sewing on the bottom.
It feels like you are wrapping your luggage in cloth, and it increases usability and durability.

Photo of the back of the bottom

We are still selling events, but it is popular with both men and women.

Basic design and high-quality materials.

It's a simple design, so I think you'll be able to use it for a long time, either as a main bag or as a secondary bag.

You can see the product page here. ⇒Linen canvas tote bag

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