The next material after hemp is wood

At Pint!, we started with hemp material and have increased our product lineup, but until now we have been searching for the next material and talking with various craftsmen.

The next material is "wood".

Since the start of Pint!, I decided to do "wood" after "hemp".

Japan is an island country blessed with trees.

Trees have always been part of our lives since time immemorial.

Of course, it is a material that is still used and loved.

I was able to meet a craftsman who thinks of a tree that fits the current life and can make it into a shape that is typical of Pint!.

I went to Yamanashi Prefecture to visit the craftsman's workshop.

Until now, we have had many meetings and exchanged samples, and the craftsman is really skilled and has a wonderful personality.

Honestly, it turned out to be far more than what I expected!

Pictures of the craftsmen will be uploaded soon.

Today, we will deliver the state of the workshop immediately.

I have often said that trees are living things. In order to adapt to the air of this land, the wood is not processed immediately and is dried for a while in a building separate from the workshop.

A view of the workshop. We process it here.

Organized tools. The well-used tools were so cool that I was fascinated by them.

This is the type that will be used in Pint!'s next product. This makes me happy! All made by craftsmen themselves.

We are planning to upload this product next week.

Please look forward to the new tree shape.