Started handling at Minoría/Matsushimaya (Yutenji)

Even Minoría/Matsushimaya in Yutenji has started handling it!

A shop located along the shopping street, a 3-4 minute walk from Yutenji Station.
This is a new store that opened last year.
The store, which was originally a kimono shop, is being used as it is to sell miscellaneous goods and hold workshops.
Only the walls are repainted, and the fixtures are left as they are.
It's finished in a wonderful space.

Click here for the shop's homepage.
And I immediately made an article with a nice photo.

The shop is now limited to Saturdays and Sundays.
Mr. Higuchi, the owner, carefully explains the products,
In a good way, it's like an old shopping street, and it's a shop with a somewhat warm atmosphere.

I visited you the other day and told you a lot about Pint!'s linen.
Mr. Higuchi is also a very particular owner, so
From the material, the background of manufacturing, to the details of the product,
You understood me surprisingly quickly.
I think that it is a shop that can convey that to customers gently, and the owner.

We have a full lineup of linen products.
There is no other store where you can see Pint! products like this,
If you have a product you care about, please come to the store.

This is the first time for a small owner shop, but I think that you can tell me carefully because it is small.

I, Nakachi, am also planning to hold events and occasionally stand in the store while consulting with the owner, Mr. Higuchi.
I'm really looking forward to doing something interesting.