moooono vol.3 ~moooono souvenirs~

It's been a long time since I've been busy and busy, and it's been a long time since I updated.

 Today is the information about the event.

Event at DADA CAFE, mooono.
This is the third time.

In addition to Nijiyura-san, this time we have more partners called “Chimaki-ya”.
So from mooono to moooono there is an extra o.
Originally, the three "o's" also meant DADACAFE, Nijiyura, and Pint!
"Chimakiya" also joined and became 4 people.
It's spreading little by little.

The event summary is below.
Under the event summary, there is also information about this special event "Linen Story Party"!

◆ Event overview
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moooono vol.3 ~souvenir of moooono~

2014. 5. 12 (Mon) ~ 18 (Sun) 12:00 ~ 22:00
Last day 18 (Sun) until 18:00

address : 5-23-10 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku
Phone: 03-3350-2245

Twice a year in the garden of DADA CAFE, Nijiyura and Pint! This time, the third time, a chimaki shop will join us with “dagashi that adults want to eat”.
Softly wrapped in a hand-dyed tenugui. Place it gently on a plate with a beautiful wood grain.
A gift for an ordinary day.
Beauty, deliciousness, and comfort that I met at DADA CAFE. Why don't you bring it back to yourself or to that person?

[Participating brands]

●Nijiyurahttp ://
While making the most of the old-fashioned dyeing technique "Chusen", we want to combine new individuality and pass it on to future generations in a way that suits the times.
A tenugui brand directly managed by a dyeing factory in Osaka, born from such passion.

Chimaki shop
While working at a Japanese restaurant, he also creates food according to the theme at events. The motto is familiar, somewhat nostalgic, and warm food, just like a set meal restaurant in town.

◆Special event
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linen story

Linen is said to be very active in the upcoming rainy season and summer season.
The name is often heard, but it is a slightly mysterious material that is not actually talked about in detail.

Pint! is a miscellaneous goods brand that collaborates with domestic linen weaving craftsmen, whose numbers are continuing to decline, to create original brands as well as product planning for department stores and brands.
Nakaji, the representative of Pint!, who goes deep into the material and develops manufacturing with craftsmen, will talk about linen.

About linen thread, loom, weaving, and dyeing.
In fact, we have a wide variety of linen fabrics, including very rare genuine Irish linen fabrics, linen denim, organic linen, loom parts, linen and weaving related items.

We will prepare the contents and fabrics, but we plan to proceed while talking with everyone on the day.
Rather than a lecture, I would like to have a meeting where we can talk about our favorite linen and linen that interests us while asking questions.
Please feel free to join us.


◆ Date: May 18th (Sun) 10:00-11:30


◆Capacity: 12 people

◆ Participation fee: 1,000 yen (with drink)
You can choose your favorite from madder tea (adzuki bean tea), mandarin orange juice, Fukugi tea, and glass wine (red, white).

◆ About reservations
We accept advance reservations by e-mail.
Please apply to with your name and contact information (phone number that can be contacted on the day).
*If there are vacant seats, you can participate without reservation on the day, but we recommend that you make a reservation in advance.

◆About contents
In advance, if you have any specifics or requests that you would like to know, we will consult with our craftsmen to prepare as much as possible, so please do not hesitate to let us know.

◆Items to bring There is no particular requirement, but if you have, please bring your favorite linen goods and fabrics.

We are looking forward to your participation.