Started People & Store

We started People & Store .

New EC communication by Net Concierge.

For details, please see the application introduction from the link above.
(Banner is also pasted on Pint!'s EC web page.)

By the way, at this stage, it is an application for iPad, so it is only for those who have iPad.

Pint! is also diligent in disseminating information on its blog, but it was a problem that it was difficult to communicate with everyone who was viewing it and that it was not interactive.

At People & Store, you can follow your favorite brands and shops and get information like a web magazine.

Personally, I'm looking forward to it, and I feel a lot of potential.

That said, I don't actually have an ipad either, so I'm thinking of considering buying one, using this as a good reason.
Please rest assured that we will continue to update even while you can't see the real thing on the ipad (tears).

It doesn't seem to be for iphone yet.
It is written that it is not currently available, so it seems that there is a release plan.

If you have an iPad, please download the People & Store app and try following Pint!

I think it's an interesting app with great expectations!

Middle ground