Introduction of Pint!

Introducing Pint!'s way of thinking about things and the concept of manufacturing.

The materials and techniques that have been handed down in Japan since ancient times have had a “necessity” born from the local climate, climate, products, and lifestyles.

The things that were born out of this were attractive “things” that were close to our lives, used for a long time, and gradually became our own.
However, it is gradually disappearing due to various reasons such as lifestyle changes, laws, and production efficiency.

The fact that traditional Japanese materials and techniques have been handed down for a long time means that they are the most suitable for the climate and climate of Japan.
Of course, Japan's climate and topography haven't changed.
However, this may be due to the inability to keep up with lifestyle changes.

So we
"Traditional materials and techniques that match the climate of Japan are truly adapted to today's lifestyles (=Pint! things)."
I wanted to make
If you live in this land, it should be the most comfortable and excellent as a tool.

We aim at the intersection of the traditional Japanese materials and techniques, and the scene of modern life.

For that reason, we work with professional craftsmen who have a wealth of knowledge and experience and know everything about materials and techniques.
And we will keep in touch with the end users, who are the users, and always listen to the voices of the actual users.
We will combine various materials and techniques and develop them.