Limited apron sales at Shinjuku Isetan

It's finally starting to feel like spring in Tokyo.

This is a happy new job report for the beginning of spring.

From the other day, at the apron section on the 5th floor of Shinjuku Isetan,
Apron maker Saronje's apron brand cozy time
In collaboration, we sell Shinjuku Isetan limited aprons.

the fabric is
・Linen denim fabric
・Three colors of linen chambray fabric
4 types.

There are two types of molds, full apron and cafe apron.

The fabric is completely original for this time, limited quantity production.

Since it is made by Saronge, the shape and material are different from Pint!'s apron,
It's an adult, nice finish.
At the apron section on the 5th floor, they are arranged neatly in a series.

The Pint! logo is only attached to the product tag, so it may be difficult to find.
Please visit the sales floor when you are in the area.