Original kitchen cloth of Isetan, Mitsukoshi started

It was completely warm today and Tokyo was cheerful in spring.

The update has been delayed for a while, but I was moving around towards the start of the spring season.

I would like to introduce one such initiative.
Linen kitchen cloths from Pint! made in an original project are widely used in the 2014SS PRODUCT PROJECT, which started on February 26th and is being developed at three stores: Isetan Shinjuku, Mitsukoshi Ginza, and Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi.
Decorate the cover and top color.

This time, we launched a project together to make the best linen kitchen cloth, and made the fabric from scratch.

Thanks to the collaboration with Mr. Kimoto, Mr. Isetan Mitsukoshi, and various other people, it was a wonderful finish.

The 25 count yarn is finished with a super high density and shallow waffle weave on a shuttle loom.

The production of several meters per hour is particularly difficult, and the craftsmen are always on hand.

During the planning stage, I was also involved in the design and finishing of the fabric all day long, and it was such a heartfelt craftsmanship that I am truly humbled.
I received the fabric from the craftsman on a night bus, sewed it, washed it, and so on. !

The design is bright and sophisticated.

There are 9 types in total, 3 types x 3 colors.

It's a full-fledged linen kitchen cloth!

Please touch it when you go to the store.

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