Kagure Marunouchi

I visited Kagure's Marunouchi store, which handles a wide range of Pint! items such as linen and wood.

I went to give you a sample of the kitchen cloth that you are handling after use.

The location is a few minutes on foot from Tokyo Station in the Marunouchi direction, on the street lined with Marunouchi Building and luxury apparel brands.

The Kagure Marunouchi store mainly has a lineup of women's apparel (there are a few men's items as well), miscellaneous goods, babies and kids, and a little food.

As expected, there are wonderful items that make you feel like Mr. Kagure.

Many of the stoles and accessories are simple and have a great texture that even men can use. . .
Don't, don't, I want to worry slowly and happily.

Such Kagure Marunouchi store has wonderful staff.
It feels like I'm talking to a person, not a store clerk, and yet I know the product very well.
It's such a nice distance.

I believe that you will carefully introduce the charm of Pint!

A really cozy space with space and products.

Please stop by when you come to Tokyo Station or Marunouchi.
I am sure you will like our tasteful and warm selection and shop.
This is my personal favorite shop.

(Kagure also has physical stores in Omotesando, Akasaka Midtown, and Osaka. The Omotesando store will be updated soon. Of course, this is nice too.)

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