Event information moono vol.2 12/9〜15 at DADA CAFE

Information about the December event.

Pint! and the tenugui brand “Nijiyura” will hold an event at DADACAFE , a hideaway cafe located in an old private house near Yoyogi Station.

It's the second time after the summer. (See last time here )

The period is from 12/9 (Mon) to 12/15 (Sun).
The hours are the same as the opening hours of DADACAFE .
On the 14th (Sat) and 15th (Sun), the staff will introduce both Nijiyura and Pint!
(For these two days, there are charters and carry-outs, so it is until 18:00)

This time, before Christmas and the year-end and New Year holidays, the themes will be "winter" and "gifts."
Especially for gifts, we propose an original set that combines Nijiyura's hand towel and Pint! wooden products.
On the 14th (Sat) and 15th (Sun), we also offer a gift wrapping service (until around 18:00) that wraps the wooden plates and tea caddies with the hand towels you have purchased.
How about a special, one-of-a-kind gift?

● Set example (you can combine your favorite products and patterns)

Magewappa ¥6,090 (Pint!) × LUNCH ¥1,365 (Nijiyura)

Fir tree plate 3,465 yen (Pint!) × Holy night 5,040 yen (Nijiyura)

Tea Caddy ¥5,775 (Pint!) × Coffee and Uncle ¥1,365 (Nijiyura)

When I put them side by side, they match more than I expected, and it's a wonderful combination.

Nijiyura's hand towel wrapping that matches the shape of the product is also worth seeing.
(Available if purchased as a set)

Below is the information from the information leaflet.

Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve. We have entered the season where there are more opportunities to surround the dining table with people who are a little more special than usual.

During the week of December, when Christmas is just around the corner, we will be holding an exhibition and sale of hand towels, linens, and wooden miscellaneous goods that allow you to enjoy the craftsmanship of craftsmen.

During the exhibition period, items from the two brands will be displayed on the table of DADA CAFE.

For meals and drinks, colorful hand towels, linen and wooden miscellaneous goods with a sense of texture make winter meals more warm and colorful.

If you take a look at the garden, the colors of the tenugui will surely warm your heart.

See it, use it, touch it. A week where you can feel the Japanese tableware that adds color to your delicious meals.

You can enjoy delicious meals at DADA CAFE and Japanese winter life.

We'll be expecting you!

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