Last minute indigo dyeing at the end of the year

Currently, Pint!'s indigo-dyed products are organic linen handkerchiefs .

For true indigo dyeing, the indigo dyeing solution must be fermented, and the temperature must be relatively high.
(Of course, if there is a structure to warm it, it is different)

Therefore, the craftsmen who are requesting dyeing now have to complete the dyeing by the end of September.
The next reopening is early spring.

They are making real indigo dyed products, which are becoming more popular at events, at a rapid pace.

In addition to handkerchiefs, furoshiki will also appear.

After discussing with the craftsman, the pattern matches the furoshiki, and the color is quite good.
It should end up looking really nice!

It is a limited quantity release.

Please look forward to it.

It will be released in late October.

This is a handkerchief. Plain fabric has also been released. 3 levels of color depending on the number of dyeing layers. Gives good color.

Middle ground