Business trip to Gifu 2013.9.23

The other day, I went to Gifu for the first time in a long time.

There are many traditional craftsmanship such as cutlery from Seki and Japanese paper from Mino.

Take a leisurely walk while visiting and learning about the local production area.

Mino's Japanese paper has a texture, but the color of the dyed washi was exceptionally beautiful.

The vivid colors and the stencil dyeing pattern have a rough color, and the color that goes well with the material has a unique taste.

In the past, I thought I had to try using it once, so I bought some kaishi, but ended up not using it. . .

I don't use it for tea, so I ended up not using it for anything other than tissue. .

Paper is difficult.

I don't really like disposable items, so this is a trivial piece of information, but when I blow my nose like a foreigner, I use a handkerchief. (Yes, Pint! linen handkerchiefs are pretty good.)

The fabric absorbs well, and the handkerchief has a certain amount of space, so unless it's a heavy use day, it's surprisingly comfortable.
Please try by all means try.

I digressed from the topic, but this time I bought a variety of other washi in revenge for that paper.

I would like to carefully experiment and observe the difference from western paper.

Pint! deals mainly with Japanese materials such as hemp and wood, but paper (washi) is a material that I would like to work on someday.

It's a material with a high hurdle, but I would like to take time and think carefully before preparing.

The photo below has nothing to do with it, but around an unmanned station in Gifu during a walk.
While waiting for the next train in an hour.

The visuals of the single track are beautiful, but I also like the fact that you can clearly see the train schedules and the train schedules. It's simple without the clutter.

Natural product art. vivid.

Fusion art of man-made objects and nature. The front part is also quite good, but the loading platform is full of plants.
I had the urge to carry a lot of flowers on the carrier and start a mobile flower shop.

Gifu was a good place.

Middle ground