wrap in cloth

I like to wrap myself in cloth.

Handkerchiefs, furoshiki, whatever size you choose, you can use any kind of cloth.

Of course, I mainly use Pint! linen products, cotton with beautiful patterns, and old vintage wrapping cloths.

I will write about furoshiki later, but today I will talk about wrapping with such a cloth.

An event called moono that took place the other day.

I was with Nijiyura, a tenugui brand.

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I took a picture for the image, but there I wrapped Pint!'s wooden products with Nijiyura's tenugui.

I thought it would be inconvenient to wrap tenugui because they are long and thin, but it turned out to be very easy by twisting the ends.

It seems to be especially good for things that are difficult to handle with a versatile furoshiki, such as long and narrow ones.

Here is such a photo.

The way it is wrapped can change the look quite a bit.

Furoshiki is the best, but if you remember a few patterns for long and narrow shapes like tenugui, there's nothing to be afraid of.

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