A zelkova tea caddy as a gift

Good evening, this is Nakachi.

I apologize for the personal matter, but the other day I had my own wedding reception.

It was held at a hotel, but I wanted to make it feel like a party, at home, and with a warm handmade feel, so I brought in a variety of handcrafted items and made it full of originality without choosing from packages.
I did my best as well, but the preparation was mainly done by my wife.
thank you very much.

Many of the guests are related to miscellaneous goods for their work, and I am considering various gifts with my wife.

The guests are mostly friends in their 20s and 30s of the same age who are single or have small children, family members such as relatives, and people who are in a slightly older age group who are indebted to them at work.

It's something that we can use without getting in the way, ah! I was thinking about what would make me happy.

There we decided

・Kyoto Ryuoen tea leaves
・Dry sweets

set of.

Friends who live alone, families with small children, parents in their 50s, and grandparents who couldn't come to the ceremony but gave it to them were all very happy.

Since it's a brand that I do myself, I didn't want to make it too appealing, so I didn't make any special announcements, but I received more voices of joy than I expected. is.

Normally, it will be delivered with Japanese paper, but if the quantity is large, we can also prepare gift boxes and Noshi.

A good tea caddy is something that is hard to find.

It is recommended for presents and favors.

Below is a picture of the normal free wrapping .
It is a normal box with wrapping.

We also accept laser engraving on the back.

Please feel free to contact us.

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