wooden bowl making

Last weekend, I visited a craftsman's workshop in Nagano Prefecture and spent the whole day in the mountains making samples together with the craftsman.

I made a soup bowl and a large rice bowl.

Various samples, trials, and discussions were repeated, and for the first time, I tried to make it into a drawing.

Based on the drawing, we create the ideal shape while making fine adjustments together with the craftsmen.

The beauty of the appearance is of course, but the usability, the hand, the structural problem, the problem of strength and weight, and the vessel is really deep.

What kind of situation, what kind of person, and what kind of food should be put into the bowl?

Work while imagining and lost.

While paying attention to ease of use, we aimed for a balance and beautiful specifications that are not found in the market, even if we only look at the beauty of the shape.

Including the dimensions, I will draw a drawing from scratch, but what I learned for the first time was
The way it looks in 2D at the time of drawing is different from the way it looks in 3D when it is actually shaped.
Perfectly beautiful in 2D! Even if you think so, it's actually not the case at all.

It was all my first experience, but for me who was just doing trial and error,
I am filled with gratitude and amazement at the craftsman who really persevered, and with great skill and sense, captured the nuances I was aiming for and made it.

Since everything is done by hand, not by machine, it is necessary to consider all aspects and angles, and the shape is not changed by changing the settings.
The work progresses while sharing the feeling, such as `` make this angle a little shallower '' or `` make it look smarter ''.
However, it can only be achieved with sophisticated techniques that measure in millimeters.
Based on the drawings and comments, the craftsman's eyes and hands are used to carve out the lumps of wood.
It's like magic.

It was a really luxurious time to be able to create things from scratch with these craftsmen.

There is still a lot of work to be done, such as finalizing the shape and considering the lacquer finish.
I would like to do my best to be able to release it at the beginning of next year.

This business trip had a lot of encounters and harvests other than making this bowl ☆
Also in the sequel.

We will also report on making bowls!

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