caring for wooden plates

Good evening, this is Nakachi.

Today, I will write about caring for wooden plates, which I don't have a lot of chance to know.

Wooden plates are often seen in grocery stores, department stores, and cafes.
There are various types, such as a single board or a laminated board, a vertical tree or a horizontal tree, etc.
In terms of maintenance, the "paint finish" is the dividing point.

I would like to introduce the types of paint and how to care for the Pint! wooden plate.

If you divide the paint finish very roughly,
・Wooden base (no painting, wood as it is)
・Natural oil (olive oil, walnut oil, etc.)
·Urethane paint
divided into
(I would like to write about lacquerware in another article as another big group)

The above list is in order of need for maintenance.

(We are drying the tree. The tree sprouts, grows over a long period of time, is cut down, and then dried again. Great time...)

First of all, "wooden".
As explained above, it is in its bare state without painting.
remains a tree.
The wood is thoroughly dried before it becomes a plate or bowl.
There may be a drying period before it is distributed as lumber,
After the craftsman purchases it, it is dried thoroughly for several weeks to several months before being touched.
If the water remains, it will bend even if it is processed with great effort.
To prevent this, sufficient drying is done at the product stage.
However, every time you use or wash a "wooden" dish, it will repeat the cycle of moisture absorption and drying.
With nothing to protect against, bare bark is extremely delicate.
Water is especially bad.
It is quite difficult to withstand daily use.
It will bend and crack easily.

A little upgraded is the "natural oil finish".
Please refer to this paragraph for Pint! wood plate maintenance.
Pint!'s potter's wheel-turned wooden plates are painted with olive oil as a final coating by craftsmen.
By repeating the process of applying and drying, the oil permeates the wood and forms a film.
There are various types of oils, but Pint!
From the thought that it would be nice if you could maintain it and go out with the wooden plate, it is not synthetic,
I chose olive oil, which is a natural vegetable oil.
It's edible, so it's safe, and you can easily maintain it with olive oil at home.
The reason why maintenance is necessary is that the film of oil will decrease or flow while using and washing.
In such a case, I will replenish the oil.
It feels the same as leather and human skin.
Maintenance is also easy, just apply a thin layer of olive oil with a cloth and let it dry.
The image is the same as caring for leather.
When you apply olive oil evenly, the color becomes darker and the gloss comes out.
It depends on how often you use it, but in my house, it's about once a month on average.
Occasionally, automatic maintenance is performed with oil-based pasta.
I feel unlimited joy in aging, not just Pint!

The last is "urethane coating".
Urethane coating is a coating that completely covers with plastic.
So, Pint!, which deals with Japanese materials, does not deal with it, but I will explain it briefly.
This means you don't have to worry about maintenance.
Because it is a plastic coating, the surface is plastic.
So the wood inside stops breathing.
It doesn't have to be wood anymore, but you can enjoy the grain. .
Since it is recognized as tableware, it is not particularly harmful.
I think it's good to enjoy the feeling of wood.

Although it goes back to the story of urethane coating, "wood base" and "oil finish"
Trees continue to breathe.
In tea caddies, it is said that excess moisture in the tea caddies is exhaled.
Warping occurs in the process of absorbing water and drying in that breathing.

The tea caddies and flat plates currently handled by Pint! do not contain water on a daily basis.
・ Only when washing, please wipe off the water droplets immediately after rinsing
・Do not place near a heat source
is the main point to note.
I would be happy if you could use it a lot.

It is wonderful to spend time with the breathing tree and nurture the tools.
It is recommended for those who think that living close to tools is good.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the handling of wooden products, please contact us from the comments section of this article or here .

A detailed instruction manual is also included with the product.

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