photographing a wooden plate

The other day, I took an image shoot of a wooden plate.

I'm going to upload it to the product page from now on!

Pick up some photos first.

A 5-inch plate made of horse chestnut wood .
I put cookies and pound cake on it.
For a small snack plate.

Tray not yet released.
The workmanship is also very solid and elaborate, and the size is discussed with the craftsman.
On that tray is a fir tree seven-inch plate .
It's just the right size for one slice of cake.
The sound of the metal fork hitting the plate is also gentle, making it a warm snack time.

This is what it looks like with the tray.
During the event at DADACAFE the other day, the staff actually used it in the store.
The wood texture is beautiful, and the quality is irresistible for those who like it.

I will introduce the tray information in detail again.

Here is a list of wooden plates. ↓
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