A night to talk with the craftsmen

Yesterday, I had dinner with a wooden plate craftsman who was in Tokyo.

Using the wood that was used for the table where we ate, while teaching us various things about wood,
The difficulty of handing down the craftsmanship of today's manufacturing craftsmen, the important things for those who aspire to manufacturing, their families, and their neighbors.
Time flew by and it was a fun meal.

Not only this craftsman, but also the craftsmen who are indebted to us at Pint! are all people who have high and reliable skills and knowledge, and are doing really high-level manufacturing.
And what they all have in common is their strong curiosity and their willingness to take on the challenge of creating new things.
Many people say that there are still many things they want to do, even though they have refined their skills for decades.

That's why we can still make things together under the small Pint! brand.
You will also find the Pint! concept interesting.

It was a night that made me realize once again how lucky I am to be able to work and create things with such people.

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