HAPON 2nd anniversary event

Today was my day off, but I went to HAPON in Shinjuku.

As Pint!, HAPON participated in an event at the beginning of this year. ( HAPON Bazaar scene )

Today is HAPON's 2nd anniversary party.

It was a lively day with many residents and related people coming and going throughout the day.

I went to help out because one of my seniors, who I'm indebted to, is going to sell something like a flea market at this event.


Instead, I got a glass bottle called Deadstock from Italy in the 90's!

Also, I received a T-shirt that says John Lennon's death anniversary.

The talk show of the luxurious guest was also interesting.

It was an interesting content on the theme of working style, region.

As always at HAPON, I had a wonderful time meeting new people and had a great time.

Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!

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