iichi gallery shop (Asakusa)

iichi is also exhibiting on the web.

When I was exhibiting at the Ginza Mitsukoshi event this summer, I was approached and registered not only for the event but also for the website.

In a nutshell, it is a marketplace on the web where individual artists and local handmade craftsmen can exhibit and sell.

This type of service was born in the United States, and has become popular in Japan in recent years.

Among them, the charm of iichi is that the system, the staff's thought and sense for service are exceptionally nice.

For more information, please visit iichi's website , there is a nice atmosphere.

That iichi has created a gallery shop in Asakusa. (a little while ago)

The location is near Asakusa, Sensoji Temple.

Here is the inside of the store.

The table made from scrap wood was so cool that I wanted one.

Pint! products include linen cloths , coasters , handkerchiefs , and starting next week, wooden plates will also be available.

There are also items made by individual artists, but not just craft items, but also items with wonderful designs and textures.

I have had the opportunity to talk with the staff of iichi about various things, and I love it because the idea of ​​connecting creators is straightforward and passionate.
And you are planning a lot of future developments.
I'm looking forward to it more and more.

I feel once again that the miscellaneous goods industry is finally entering the next phase.

The contents are long, so I'm going to upload it in another article.

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