moono ~At DADACAFE in Yoyogi~

I'm very late with the information.

It was a guide to the store and FB only.

Here's an event guide, and it's happening right now.
Notification live.
Right now, I'm having a delicious lunch at DADACAFE, which is exhibiting and selling.
The event will be held until 22:30, and tomorrow from 12:00 to 22:30.

Sorry for the short notice, but please stop by when you are in the area.
We also have new indigo-dyed handkerchiefs, plant-dyed handkerchiefs, and wooden products.

Below is an overview of the event.


Nijiyura and Pint! are exhibiting and selling at the old private house cafe DADACAFE in front of Yoyogi Station.

2013/8/9(Fri) 8/10(Sat) 12:00〜22:30

DADACAFE's delicious food and drinks are also recommended.
The evening menu is also substantial, so you can enjoy it alone or with a large number of people.
Please stop by.

Nijiyura is a wonderful hand-dyed tenugui brand.
A lot of tenugui with traditional dyeing and beautiful colors and designs

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