Care Instructions for Olive Oil Finished Wooden Plates

Row of oil-finished wooden plates
Last time, I told you how to care for a general wooden plate, divided into painting methods.

Today, I would like to introduce how to care for Pint! olive oil finished wooden plates .
Turned wooden plate zelkova
● When using as tableware
・I don't think there is a problem with the flat plate, but please refrain from using anything that is wet. Since it is only finished with natural oil, it is weak against moisture. Any dish that is normally served as a flat plate can be used. (Dishes that contain oil are not bad at all because the oil is also replenished in the wooden dish. However, the color may be different between the part that comes in contact with the oil and the part that does not come in contact, so if you are concerned, Please apply olive oil separately and let it blend.)
・Avoid using a microwave oven.
・Do not put food in the refrigerator while it is still on the table. The refrigerator is very dry.

● When you usually leave the dishes
・Avoid placing near a heat source or in direct sunlight for a long time.

● When washing
・Avoid immersing in water.
・It is okay to wash with dishwashing detergent and a sponge. After rinsing, wipe off the water with a cloth.
・Please avoid using the dishwasher.

● Occasional maintenance
・About once a month, apply olive oil thinly with a cloth and let it dry.
Oil is replenished. It is an image that supplements the defense against moisture. When applied, it darkens the color and gives it a glossy finish. There is no big problem if you don't use it, but if the surface feels dry, please replenish it.

Things to watch out for are moisture, heat, and dryness. As long as you keep this in mind, getting along with wooden plates is surprisingly easy.

I think you have an image that wooden plates are very difficult to handle. I use it for various dishes as an experiment, but if you pay attention to this point, you can use it normally without any problems. The best part is that it is light and the food looks great. The wood grain is pleasant to look at and gives off a very warm atmosphere. Gradually, the color becomes darker and the taste comes out, which is a pleasure that cannot be obtained with other materials or finishing methods.
Oil-finished wooden plate and linen used for 2 years
The photo at the beginning is the same plate, but it is a 9-sun plate made of horse chestnut that I have used at home for about two years. The color is darker and the gloss has come out. It feels good.

For those who have been avoiding wooden plates because they are difficult to handle, or who have never thought of using wooden plates, I would like you to try them. Since it is a special occasion, why not use a natural oil finish instead of urethane or lacquer to feel the warmth of the wood?

Flat plate of potter's wheel | natural oil finish list page

The shape of the plate is really beautiful. From breakfast to lunch plates and dinner, use a lot and try to grow.

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