It is an introduction of the new handling shop of Pint!


Until now, our wholesalers for Pint! products have been brick-and-mortar stores where you can touch the products.

The products are stoic and quite deep, so I thought it would be good if the wholesale business spread little by little, especially with regard to the web shop.

This is the first web-only shop.

They mainly sell Japanese tableware.

The concept is to "enjoy home-cooked meals with Japanese utensils." wonderful.

threetone is still in its second year of operation.

I'm a second year student like Pint!

So when you contacted me, I saw your page for the first time, and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

Photos that are not too decorative but convey the texture of the material, and simple pages and composition.

It doesn't feel like a "product", but it feels like a "tool for the dining table", which is nice.

It's not decorated, but it's powerful, and I personally like it. That's nice.

I met Mr. Matsunaga, who runs the store, and talked about various things about products and manufacturing.

Along with the calm atmosphere, I sensed an extraordinary power, so I hope we can work together in various ways in the future.

I pasted threetone's top page image and link at the beginning of this article, but as of 12/19, Pint!

thank you! I'm happy.

Each wooden plate is different. This way of showing is also good, I will study.

Yes, the wooden plate here is no longer in Pint!

If you have a wooden plate that freaks you out, please buy it.

Until 12/25, there is a free shipping campaign for a limited time.
Recommended for fir tree plates and Christmas gifts.

We also have original size luncheon mats.
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