Collection: Daitoku Akahata

Cutlery 5th generation of Blacksmith An. Mr. Daitoku Akahata, a blacksmith craftsman in Matsuzaka City, Mie Prefecture. We also manufacture stainless steel cutlery, centering on the knives "Kurouchi" made of iron and steel.
Not only the blade, but also the brass winding parts and the walnut wood handle are all made by Mr. Akahata himself. The bread knife, which was created for his wife who is a baker, is also one of Mr. Akahata's representative works, as it is very rare to be made with a hammered knife.
According to Mr. Akahata's own intention, we mainly sell at physical stores. As for kitchen knives, we also have some inventory for the web. Cutlery is sold only at physical stores.
*We do not offer pre-order sales, but you can use the restock notification on each product page. This information is for restocking and is not a guarantee of sales. In addition, depending on the sales situation of the actual store, we may not be able to secure the inventory for the web.
*One person can order up to 1 item per type. (Including orders from the past and pre-renewal sites.) We ask for your understanding and cooperation so that as many customers as possible can feel comfortable choosing our products.
Daitoku Akahata