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As a tool, it has depth and flexibility, and it is very difficult to express it in the genre of bag or explanation of its use. For those who see it for the first time, if I were to come up with words that would serve as a starting point for the image, they would be "bag without shape" and "between clothes and bags."
In terms of perspective and construction, it is an oriental, unconventional item, so it changes its shape according to the shape of the body, like Japanese clothes. And depending on how you wear it, how you wear it, how you hold it, and what you wear with it, you can show a wider range of expressions.
Please take a look at the wearing photo on the product page and try to inflate the image.
I feel that PINT has shown and expressed the "relationship with things", which PINT has been thinking about for a long time, from a new and sharp point of view. I would be happy if everyone could meet the same feeling and enjoyment through this "Triangle Wear".
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