Collection: kenland linen knit

Located in Yamagata Prefecture, where the knitting industry is thriving, this factory specializing in linen knitwear is rare in the world.
Linen is most often used as a woven fabric, and knits (knitted) are rarely seen. Kenland, which has long continued to manufacture collection brand knit products centered on wool, has perfected linen knit technology through years of research, and now specializes in linen knit and produces its own brand.
In the case of linen knitting, the machines and manufacturing methods are different from those of weaving, and detailed management and accumulation of techniques such as thread making, knitting, and dyeing are required.
The characteristics of linen, such as "easily wrinkled" and "a little stiff at first," are not wrinkled due to the knitting structure. Creates elasticity and a soft texture. Machine washable.
Linen has been the material we have focused on the most since PINT was launched, but the encounter with linen knit has greatly expanded the possibilities of the material. I think that there are many people who are new to linen knit, but it is a material that I would like you to try once.
kenland linen knit