Collection: something to wear

AWOMB is a popular restaurant in Kyoto known for its hand-woven sushi. In addition to the main food, we also propose “clothing” with its sophisticated sense and unique world view.
AWOMB's original brand "Kimono" started from making clothes that also serve as staff uniforms for restaurants. As with food, the region of Kyoto is one of the axes, and the theme is "clothes that interpret the origin of clothes in Kyoto", making clothes that match modern life.
The types are narrowed down to a few, mainly haori, and only standard types are developed without changing with the season.
Although it has a somewhat Japanese atmosphere, it has an urban modern appearance. Made of a single material of high-quality linen fabric, it has no buttons or lining, and is clean and simple. There is no distinction between Japanese and Western styles, men and women, ages, and sizes, and there is only one unisex size.
AWOMB's unique way of thinking and attitude towards making clothes is reflected in the unique atmosphere of "Kimono" clothes.
Anyone can wear it freely with any kind of clothes. It's clothes that make your relationship with what you wear more enjoyable and new.
something to wear