Collection: Six coup de foudre

Atsushi Takamizawa has a workshop near Kappabashi in Asakusa, Tokyo. It is very different from general leather products in terms of material and method of making.
Meat from wild wild birds and animals that have been hunted is gaining popularity in the field of food as "Gibier", but on the other hand, most of the skin is discarded. Mr. Takamizawa Produced with tanned leather that is directly purchased from hunters. Deer from Tottori, Ezo deer from Tokachi, Hokkaido, and bears from Iwate. Leather that knows when and where it came from. He has a strong desire to "give life", and although many parts of leather are discarded due to scratches and differences in conditions depending on the part, the finely cut parts are also carefully patchworked and made to a degree that cannot be done normally. We produce without waste.
Each time at PINT, we buy a whole cow, discuss the type and number of pieces that can be taken from one cow, and make patchwork and accessories from the cut scraps. Expand.
For more information, please see the craftsmanship of gibier leather .
Not only the leather and sewing, but also the metal fittings are characteristic. The metal fittings are originals made at a town factory in downtown Tokyo. It is not plated, but smoked and waxed, so it ages beautifully with the leather.

Six coup de foudre